Photography Session Info and FAQ

Headshots are your first point of contact with your ideal clients, potential investors or your future employer. You will never get a second chance at a first impression. It is essential to have a high-quality headshot that authentically represents who you are and the story you want to communicate. Whether you are a large company needing matching staff headshots, or an individual looking for your dream job, the right headshot is a catalyst for success. For more details on how to prepare for your shoot, what to expect, and other common queries, be sure to check out our Photography Session Info and FAQ on this page.

Corporate Headshot Session with Vancouver Photographer Rob Trendiak

Individual Headshot Sessions

Rob offers 3 types of individual headshot sessions.

LinkedIn Headshots Sessions – $300

Got 20 minutes? Get a stunning headshot that’s perfect for your LinkedIn profile. Designed for busy professionals who value their time above all else. The LinkedIn Headshot Session guarantees you an impactful headshot, quickly!

Standard Headshot Session – $600

Spend 60 minutes in the studio exploring different backgrounds and wardrobe changes so you have a variety of images to market yourself. The Standard Headshot Session is perfect for professionals who have dynamic careers and may need more options than one headshot. Designed for public speakers, authors, article contributors and even actors who want the option of selecting different backgrounds and wardrobe changes.

Half-Day Personal Branding Session – $1200

This is where we really get creative! We’re not just talking headshots – think multiple locations, a variety of looks, and lifestyle photography to truly capture your essence. Perfect for those who create their own content and want to share their story with the world! The Half-Day Personal Branding Session is 4 hours and we can produce a lot of dynamic imagery to boost your career!

What is included with Headshot Sessions?

  • All of these headshot sessions are for headshots at Rob’s photography studio in East Vancouver.
  • He walks you through the entire process and makes it easy and fun!
  • He helps guide you with posing and expressions to bring out your best self!
  • You will receive a private online photo gallery with all the proofs from the headshot photography session.
  • All photos including the proofs come with a standard commercial license.
  • All sessions come with one edited photo of your choice.

What is not included with these Headshot Sessions?

  • Linkedin Headshot Sessions and Standard Headshot Sessions do not include on-location headshots. The Half-Day Personal Branding Session does include on-location photography.
  • Additional edited headshots are $50/photo

Let’s Chat

Shoot me an email at Tell me what you’re dreaming of for your photoshoot – the more details, the better. Let’s turn those dreams into reality!

Secure Your Headshot Session

A simple deposit and a signed contract are all it takes to book your headshot session. Once you find a time that works, Rob will forward you the contract with all the details and a deposit invoice. The final payment invoice will be sent after your headshot session is complete. The contract can be signed digitally. The invoices can be paid via credit card, e-transfer, check or cash.

The Day Of Your Headshot Session

Just show up, and we’ll take it from there! Rob makes the whole shoot fun and easy. It is very common for people to experience anxiety or be stressed out before a shoot but Rob wants to calm your nerves and let you know that everything is going to be great! Be kind to yourself and enjoy the process of the photoshoot. Rob believes in you!

What To Wear For Your Headshot Session

Bring a selection of outfits, and I’ll help you pick the best. Remember, simplicity is key: avoid patterns, logos, or loud graphics. Here’s an article with more tips on what to wear for your headshot session.

Corporate Headshots Photography Sessions with Rob Trendiak Vancouver Photographer


Rob shoots tethered to his computer or iPad. Offering real-time feedback and posing tips. Most clients say, “That was way easier and more fun than I thought!”

You leave the studio knowing you nailed the photo photoshoot!

Instant Photography Proofs

Rob’s photography system is designed with the busy professional in mind. You will receive the proofs from your photoshoot before you leave the studio. All the file names will be renamed to your name and you will have a private client gallery emailed to you, instantly. You can start posting immediately!

Photo Retouching

Each session includes one retouched image of your choice. Photo retouching includes skin retouching, aiming flyaways, object removal and colour correction. Here is a helpful article on how Rob handles photo retouching. Photoshop My Wrinkles!

Additional edited photos are $50/photo. All edited photos will be uploaded to your client photo gallery and they will have a gold border and be at the top of your gallery. Clearly marked for your convenience.

Hair and Makeup is an investment

Available for both men and women. Just let me know, and I’ll book hair and makeup for you. Hair and makeup can be done at my studio or your choice of location.

My go-to Hair and Makeup artist is Ksenia. You can view her website here >><<

Here is a link to her rates

Positive Experience

Rob Trendiak Photography would love to hear all about your positive experience. Word-of-mouth referrals and Google reviews are invaluable for local businesses and service providers. You can let Rob know about your awesome experience here>>Leave A Reveiw<<

Port Of Vancouver Corporate Headshots by Vancouver Photographer Rob TrendiakLarge Corporate Team Headshots and Corporate Event Headshot Photo Booths

Rob can photograph up to 150 people/day, in your office or on location at your event!
The process for companies is streamlined and efficient, just like for individuals.

Making Your Life Easy!

Hassle-Free for You: Rob handles all the admin work for you! He provides a custom-branded sign-up link for your employees to book their own headshot session, making the process seamless.
Instant Personal Galleries: Each employee receives their own gallery with files renamed for convenience.
Organized Company Gallery: You’ll receive a neatly organized gallery of everyone’s photos, sorted by name.

Here are some helpful articles on how to prepare for your corporate headshot sessions:

Crafting the Perfect Staff Headshot

What To Wear For Your Headshot Session

Tradeshow Activation Ideas

What Makes A Headshot Stand Out?


Phone: (778) 998-7585

Frequently Asked Headshot Photography Questions:

Q: How much does your photography cost?

A: How much does your photography cost? is the number one question Rob receives. The standard 3 headshot session prices are listed above, but As Rob’s photography is custom-tailored to his individual client needs. Contact Rob with specific details about your photography needs and he is more than happy to give you a custom quote for your photography needs. The more details you have about your photography needs will help rob provide an accurate quote.

For corporate staff headshots, please contact Rob and let him know the following:

  • How many people need to be photographed?
  • Do you want group photos and how many?
  • Do you want any editorial-style photos of specific people like executives and CEOs?
  • Do you need any lifestyle images of people working in the workplace?
  • When do you want to book the headshot session?
  • What colour background would you prefer for the headshots?
  • Please let Rob know about any other details you may have.

Q: How many wardrobe changes do I get in a session?

A: Rob doesn’t have a set limit to wardrobe changes; he wants you to be able to feel as comfortable and confident as possible. If you aren’t sure what will look best, bring all of your options with you! Rob will personally help you choose what wardrobe will come through best in the photos. With that said, more time spent changing wardrobe means less time spent shooting and fewer photos as a result. If you are receiving a LinkedIn headshot Photography Session, we have limited time for wardrobe changes. If you specifically want multiple wardrobe changes, please communicate that with Rob so he can book you in for the correct photography session that suits your needs.

Check out this article on what to wear for your headshots! 10 Headshots Tips – What to Wear For Your Headshot Session

Q: How many background changes do I get in a session?

A: Just like with wardrobes, Rob doesn’t set a limit to background changes. Similarly to wardrobe, more changes result in less time in front of the camera. With that said, the background can help set the tone of the photo and Rob has a keen eye and intuition for what works and what doesn’t, allowing for the bulk of your time to be spent shooting.

Q: Will you shoot on location?

A: Yes! Rob loves incorporating your vision into the photo shoot to allow even more of your personality to shine through. Just contact him beforehand so that he can know more about your photography needs. Since each location is different and may require different gear and increased travel time, there may be an increase in the session cost.

On-Location vs. Studio Headshots

Q: Is there a deposit?

A: Yes, the deposit is 50% of the session rate (which you can find below). The deposit is required in order to book the date, makeup artist, and studio. Rob accepts payment in the form of cash, check, or e-transfer.

Q: Do you put a watermark on the proofs?

A: No! This is a unique feature of Rob Trendiak Photography, as most photographers do put a watermark on their proofs. This allows you to admire the unobstructed story of each photo while making edit decisions.

Q: Can I post the proofs online?

A: Yes, and please do! This is one of the main reasons Rob does not watermark his images; he wants you to be able to share your new photos with the world! He only asks that you tell people that he is your photographer and that you tag him in any photos that you share.

Directions and Contact Information:

Rob’s studio is located at 1394 Kingsway.

The studio is upstairs, please text or call Rob and he will come let you in.

Rob wants every client to be fully informed before their session, so he appreciates you taking the time to read this information! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Rob at the email address or phone number listed above.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!