10 Headshot Tips on What to Wear for Your Headshots

10 headshot tips on what to wear for your headshots! Wardrobe is very important for killer headshots. If you are investing in new headshots from a professional headshot photographer, you want to make sure to wear the proper clothing. Make sure to follow these 10 simple tips to take the best headshots you have ever had! For even more info or some Frequently asked questions, check out my headshot session info page!

1 – Wear What You Feel Rockin in!

We all have that shirt that fits perfect. The shirt that has the softest cotton. The shirt that makes you stand up 2 inches taller because it boosts your confidence. Wear that shirt. Sounds obvious right? Sometimes the most obvious solution is right under our nose!

2 – What Would You Wear to Meet a New Client?

Your headshot needs to look like you. If you are going into a meeting, a new client who has never met you needs to instantly recognize you. If you are an actor or actress, the casting director needs to recognize you. You need to look the same in real life as you do in your headshot.


3 – Do Not Overdress

This is a step people often misjudge. A common mistake people make is you need to dress up in your headshots. Imagine for a second, meeting a new potential client. Your headshot is killer and you are wearing a bow tie. But you’re a computer programmer and you show up to the meeting wearing a plain tee-shirt…See the disconnect? Headshots are not the time to overdress.


4 – KISS – Keep It Siple Sweetheart

Finally, keep it simple. A headshot needs to be all about your head….duh… Another tip that may be too obvious. Headshot sessions are all about your head, your face, and your big beautiful eyes, not your wardrobe. A plain teeshirt goes a long way. Even if you’re a businessman or woman needing corporate headshots, I recommend taking a few shots without a tie. This creates an image that promotes approachability. Ties or patterned shirts also could draw the attention away from your face and we do not want that.

5 – No Jewelry

Again, my recommendation is simplicity goes a long way. Jewelry can distract from your face. Also, as we are working on getting that perfect pose for your headshot, your necklace can move around and may not be centred or flipped over. This creates distractions and could make your headshot look messy. Earrings are ok as long as they are simple studs. Maybe diamond, pearls or just silver studs, nothing that dangles or distracts from your face.

6 – No Patterns

Patterns are big offenders when it comes to distractability. Your headshot needs to show off you and not your wardrobe. Solid colors are best and we can always take a few shots with some simple small patterned shirts so that you have options.

7 – Muted Colors

I am a huge fan of muted colors. Avoid any colors that are crazy vibrant or overly saturated. Think mustard yell instead of canary yellow. Midnight blue vs. royal blue.


8 – Necklines

The neckline of your shirt will be in every headshot. Make sure the neckline of your shirt is not distracting to your face. I have headshot clients showing up with really cool shirts that have unique necklines with swirls ribbing and flowers all up and down the neckline. Although this would be a perfect shirt for a gala, it is distracting from your face and does not work for headshots.

9 – No Logos

Headshots are not the time to show off your designer logos or brands. By this point, you should know why. You guessed it, it’s distracting from your face!  There is one exception. If we are photographing company headshots and you are wearing a company uniform in your headshot. For example, if I am shooting the staff for Ferrari and their shirt has the Ferrari logo, that is ok. Just throwing it out there, if anybody knows the Ferrari team, can you introduce me? Haha!

10 – Still in doubt?

If you’re still in doubt, you’re in luck if you’re getting headshots with me. I’m an expert at headshots and can coach you in what to wear for your headshots. Sometimes what looks good in real life just does not translate in camera. Even if you follow all these tips, sometimes a particular piece of wardrobe just does not work in photos. If you have doubts about what to bring to your headshot session, bring it to your headshot session. I will help go through your wardrobe with you and coach you on what works and what does not. Even if we take a few shots and we are not feeling what you are wearing, we can just do a wardrobe change.

Vancouver Headshot 1

Thank you for going through these 10 headshot tips with me! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or connect with me on Instagram @robtrendiak