What Makes A Headshot Stand Out?

What makes a good headshot photo and how to stand out from all the competition? Everybody is constantly vying for visibility and distinction, so having a standout headshot is more crucial than ever.

As a seasoned headshot photographer, I’ve observed a common trend: many professionals fall into the trap of ‘samesies’, diminishing their unique personal brand. This article delves into why and how being different with your headshot can significantly impact your professional image.

Headshot Photo Samesies

I was searching for somebody named Adam on LinkedIn, 4 Adams popped up and their headshots were virtually identical. They were all wearing blue suits. All of their backgrounds were light grey. All of the Adams happened to be Caucasian. Even though I personally know the Adam I was searching for, I had to double-check what Adam was the correct Adam.


The Power of a Stand-Out Headshot:

Standing out in a professional setting isn’t just about looking different; it’s about authentically representing your unique persona and brand identity. A headshot that breaks away from the norm speaks volumes. It reflects your individuality, confidence, and distinct approach to your career. It also allows people to find you quickly.

How to Know if Your Headshot Photo Stands Out or Samesies?

  1. Search for people with the same name as you and analyze their headshot photos. Especially if you have a common name like mine, Rob.
  2. Search your career title, industry, and location combined with your name to see what other people are using as their headshots.

Tips for a Headshot That Stands Out:

1. Do something different than what everybody in your headshot search is doing. If everybody has a white background for their headshot, do a dark grey background. If they are wearing blue suits, wear a red shirt.

2. Do it better than them! I basically live on LinkedIn and I see what everybody is using for their headshot photo. It is not hard to create a better headshot than 95% of people on LinkedIn. Hire a professional headshot photographer like myself. Here are some of my tips on what makes a stand-out LinkedIn Headshot.

3. Use your photo more! Most people upload their photos to their LinkedIn, their website, and maybe Instagram and then that is it. Use your photo EVERYWHERE & ALL THE TIME. This will not only help people recognize and remember you but also increase your ROI from your headshot session.

4. Consult with a Professional Photographer: After you have hired me, a professional headshot photographer, ask me questions! I am here to support you and I want to see your career thrive. I can give you so many ideas on how to best utilize your new headshots!

The Impact:

A unique headshot does more than just make you look good; it makes you memorable. In a world where first impressions are increasingly digital, your headshot can be a powerful tool in opening doors to new opportunities and connections.


In Vancouver’s competitive professional landscape, standing out is key. As a leading Vancouver headshot photographer, I encourage you to embrace your individuality. Whether you’re a CEO, a creative, or a burgeoning professional, a distinctive headshot is a step towards making your mark.

Remember, in a sea of conformity, the bold and different are the ones who stand out.

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