10 Reasons Why Your Vancouver Business Needs Professional Corporate Headshots

If you are wondering why your company needs matching corporate headshots, I made a list of 10 reasons why your Vancouver business needs professional corporate headshots. I work with companies of all sizes including individuals. My ideal clients are businesses in Vancouver with 20-plus employees who need corporate headshots for their staff. I work with companies such as Car dealerships, engineering firms, law firms, industrial companies, wealth management firms, and many more.

#1 – Brand consistency

Matching headshots will help maintain consistency throughout all of your company’s branding. Branding across your company needs to be matching, including your website, marketing and promotional materials and social media.

#2 – Professionalism

A consistent and professional headshot will communicate a sense of professionalism and competence. This will help build trust with customers and potential clients.

#3 – Employee identification

I work with multiple clients who have restricted access to their offices for security reasons. Companies are able to use these headshots on their employee security badges. This will help build trust throughout the office and rapport with the front security team.

#4 – Employee Morale

We all know how important employee retention is and providing your team with a solid headshot and a fun headshot experience will not only boost morale but make people feel appreciated.

#5 – Recruitment

If you want to attract new talent to your team, high-end corporate headshots could help you stand out among competing companies who are also hiring. Consistent corporate headshots will convey a sense of professionalism, team unity and the vibe of the office. Remember that corporate headshots don’t need to be boring or dated.

#6 – Social Media Profiles

Matching headshots across your employee’s Linkedin and other social platforms will take your company to the next level. If you rely on an online presence, having a strong social presence is a MUST! Bonus tip – Don’t forget about Zoom calls! Everybody needs a top-tier photo for their Zoom meeting. Don’t be that person with a cat as your Zoom profile.

#7 – Company Directories

Matching corporate headshots can be used in directories, making it easy for employees and clients to connect with one another. Especially in a day and age where remote work is so popular.

#8 – Consistent Messaging

Matching headshots will help internal and external communications be consistent with the company’s core values. Reinforcing its brand identity.

As a photographer, this is my favourite reason why your company needs matching headshots. I LOVE seeing my photography printed and splashed across the internet. Consistent corporate headshots can be used in a variety of marketing materials. Creating a cohesive and professional look across all channels. I have seen my photography on Billboards, brochures, PowerPoints, market research portfolios, hardcover books, annual investor reports, and much more.

#10 – Visual Story Telling

Headshots help tell the story of the company. Creating a strong and memorable impression with clients. It is important to create headshots that authentically tell your company’s story. Headshots will let your customers know if you are trustworthy, fun, young, wise, cutting-edge, an industry leader, approachable or luxurious.  A company that sells life insurance to people who are of retirement age will have different headshots than a tech start-up. And that tech start-up will have different headshots than the fitness trainers at the boxing studio.

If your company is about to have a headshot day, here is an article I wrote on some of my favourite headshot wardrobes do’s and don’ts. This would be a perfect article to forward to your staff. -What to Wear for your headshots-