Corporate Headshots

Rob Trendiak, an award-winning Vancouver Corporate Headshot Photographer, specializes in headshots for a diverse clientele, from entrepreneurs to global CEOs. Known for delivering high-quality, personalized headshot photography. As a Corporate Headshot Photographer in Vancouver, he also offers tailored services for large and small corporate clients and brings his expertise to corporate events like conferences, providing on-site headshots that capture professional excellence. Rob’s commitment to quality and attention to detail makes him the go-to photographer for those seeking impactful corporate images in Vancouver. Corporate headshots are key to success in personal branding as well as corporate branding identity.

High-quality headshots are more than just a photo. Corporate Headshots are a powerful tool for personal and corporate branding. It’s about capturing the story of an individual. Highlighting their professionalism and confidence. For a corporation, these headshots symbolize unity and professionalism, showcasing a team that’s not only skilled but also connected in their shared vision. Headshots communicate trust, reliability, value systems, perceived value, confidence and approachability. Rob’s expertise lies in creating an environment where clients feel at ease, allowing their true professional character to shine through. The result? Headshots that are not only visually striking but can change the career path of an individual and improve the corporate identity of a company.

Companies Rob Trendiak Has Worked With

Port Of Vancovuer

Westminster Toyota



Avison Young Vancovuer

Avison Young Calgary

Rhino Ventures