Your company needs custom stock photography. You need custom stock photography even if you are a small team or a solopreneur. Custom stock photography is action shots of you at work. If you run a fintech company you may want to show people working on the computer or in a meeting. Fitness trainers may want to show them training a client at their gym.

Quality over Quantity

Quality photography is more likely to engage your audience. If an image is used widely and your audience has seen the image many times before, they will scroll right past your post or your advertisement. People want to see authentic quality images. Quality images can be used over and over resulting in a really good return on investment.

Your Story

Your story is unique to you and only you. What makes your company stand out from the crowd? Show the world what makes you special. I interview many companies and ask them “Why do you love working here”? Usually, they respond “It’s the people”. That is why you need to show off your team. Generic stock photography cannot capture your company’s culture.

Consistent Brand Image

Professional photographers work closely with their clients to make sure the image is exactly what they want. I personally shoot connected to my iPad or computer and have the client review the images in real-time. We can make adjustments on the fly to custom-tailor the photography to fit in their branding guidelines. Finding the perfect images on stock sites can be a headache and often you will never find the right fit. Hiring a professional photographer is more efficient and will have a better outcome.

Stand Out in the Crowd

In a world where everyone’s scrolling, unique images grab attention. Custom photos set you apart, make sure your brand doesn’t just blend in with the rest. be memorable, not just visible. People want to see you, not a generic handshake photo. Show your face and a smile! I have found a lot of success showing the outtakes from the photoshoot too. Outtakes make you more relatable. Custom authentic photos will outperform generic stock photography every time!

These photos are from a company branding photoshoot I did with Hill and Harbour Real Estate group with always amazing Real Estate Cheryl Davie!