Posing Tips For Headshots

Tips for Posing for Your Headshots

Take a better headshot now! TPosing tips for headshots made easy. Headshots are more than just flattering photos; it’s a part of your personal branding. Whether you’re an accountant, a lawyer, or an entrepreneur, a good headshot can make a significant difference. Here are some essential tips to help you look your best in your professional headshots.

Understand Your Best Angles

I take every person in front of my camera and we try 3 different angles. Straight on. Left shoulder forward and right shoulder forward. We then review the photos we took and see what is working well and what is not working. Then we jump back in front of the camera to take more headshots of what is working.

Proper Posture is Key

Pretend there is a rope that pulls your head towards the sky. Stand tall and proud. Use your core to help give you good posture. Good posture in your headshots tells people that you are confident, strong, and capable.

Choose the Right Outfit

Tip: Wear professional attire that fits well and reflects your industry. Neutral colours are often recommended to keep the focus on you, not your clothing. Dress like you are going to meet a new client. Different industries need to dress according to their industry. Headshots for a lawyer will be different than headshots for a personal trainer.

The Importance of Lighting

Lighting is everything in photography and lighting will affect the posing we use. I will help pose my headshot clients to work with the lighting to communicate the story you need to communicate to your ideal client. I use shadows to help with this narrative. Should you be facing towards the light? Do you want the light on the camera side or the shadow on the camera side? Or do you want to be blasted with light from all sides? We walk through this together!

Tips for Posing for Your Headshots

Express Genuine Emotion

The expression on your face tells everybody what you are about. Are you confident, funny, approachable, or fierce? There is no right or wrong but I want to educate my clients what their facial expression communicates to others.

Tips For Eyes

Your eyes communicate to others if you are confident or surprised. Chances are you want to communicate confidence in your headshot. To portray confidence, you want to focus your eyes by squeezing the muscles under your eyes together. Think determination.

Tips for Your Mouth

Your mouth communicates approachability. I little joy goes a long way. If you are smiling too big you may seem like a jokester. If you scowl, people may not feel so comfortable approaching you. So it is finding that sweet spot that tells your story. Maybe you want to be fierce or maybe you want to be warm and inviting.

The Winning Combo

The winning combo in your headshot is confident and approachable. Confidence and approachability is the baseline I will make sure you leave your headshot session with. From there, we custom tailor your facial expressions to your story and what your headshot will communicate to your ideal clients.

What to Do Before Your Headshot Session

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