The best angle for headshot photography and portraits is eye level. The right camera angle in portraits and headshot photography can speak volumes about you and what people’s first impression of you is. Even if you are an online streamer. The camera angle is EVERYTHING!

👁️ Eye-Level

The best camera angle is eye level.  Headshots that are at eye level need to be your first photos, your profile photos and your most used photos. They create a sense of equality and connection, which is essential for an engaging headshot.


🔝 High Angles

Commonly known as the most flattering angle for portraits and selfies, a high camera angle will eliminate double chins. However, a high camera angle results in everybody looking down on you. Making you look small and insignificant. Something you do not want to communicate to your audience or ideal clients. Headshots from a high angle are typically a bad idea.


🔽 Low Angles

A low angle has the opposite effect. A low camera angle makes you look more powerful, larger than life and people look up to you. However, you run the risk of looking intimidating. Something you probably do not want. I would however go for a slightly low angle rather than a high angle. An ever so slightly low camera angle could be that extra secret sauce that makes you stand out and communicates to others that you are a person with an authoritative voice. Somebody to be respected.

🎥 Movies

Movies can teach us so much when it comes to camera angles and storytelling. When it comes to your headshot, the same storytelling techniques are at play. Here is a great article explaining what different camera angles mean in movies and storytelling. So don’t take my word for it, take Steven Spielberg‘s word for it!

Here are examples of my headshot photography. Every photo is taken at eye level making the people look more relatable and approachable. Perfect for headshot photography. Headshot Photographer