How Professional Headshots Boosted FISPAN’s Brand Identity in Vancouver

This is how professional headshots boosted FISPAN’s brand identity in Vancouver and beyond! Imagine walking into your office’s all-hands meeting, and amidst the financial forecasts and strategic discussions, you find a pop-up photography studio in the office. This was the scene at FISPAN—a burgeoning fintech firm in Vancouver, with a vibrant team eager to revolutionize financial services.

Here at FISPAN, we often talk about ROI – not just in our finances, but in our company culture too. And what better way to invest in our team than with professional headshots by Rob Trendiak, a maestro behind the camera?

FISPAN Corporate Headshots


The Challenge of Team Headshots

In a digital world where your online presence can speak volumes, the FISPAN team found themselves in need of a visual upgrade. Our goal? To provide consistent, high-calibre headshots that embodied the innovation and professionalism at the heart of FISPAN.

Fintech start-ups are often fast-paced and it is hard to organize all the team members to be in the same place and time to receive their headshot. Annual all-hands meetings are the perfect opportunity to photograph everybody’s headshots.

The Solution

Enter Rob Trendiak—an award-winning headshot photographer, known for his dynamic and creative approach. With 80 employees on board, Rob transformed our quarterly all-hands meeting into a stage for personal branding.

The Process of Photographing Team Headshots

Rob’s method was meticulous yet unobtrusive, a symphony of flashes and clicks that captured more than just faces—they captured stories. For many, it was their first time in front of a professional lens, but Rob’s easygoing demeanour turned nerves into smiles, resulting in authentic portraits that employees were proud to share.

Corporate Headshot Review

The Outcome

The session transcended expectations, becoming the highlight of the day. Lisa Shields, FISPAN’s Founder, shared, “For the majority of our team, it was the first time getting a headshot done, and overall an amazing ROI for the business. Thanks so much!”

So why did these headshots strike such a chord? It wasn’t just about looking good in a LinkedIn profile. It was about feeling valued, seen, and invested in. And that’s precisely the ethos Rob Trendiak brings to every shoot.

Take a look at one way they are using their new headshots. Zack Manning’s Headshots.

Looking Forward

At FISPAN, we’ve learned that an investment in quality headshots pays dividends in team morale and personal branding. Our experience with Rob was more than a photoshoot; it was a step towards enhancing our corporate identity and investing in our team.

As we continue to forge the path in fintech, our faces reflect our mission: forward-thinking, professional, and engaged. Thanks to Rob, we’re not just equipped with state-of-the-art financial solutions—we have the headshots to match our ambition.

Lisa Shields FISPAN CEO Professional Headshots FISPAN's Brand Identity in Vancouver

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