Hairstyling Photography

I am fortunate enough to be married to a driven entrepreneurial wife Eliza Trendiak. Together we own Artel Salon, Although she is the brains behind the operation. Multiple times a year we shut Artel Salon down for the day to do a hairstyling photoshoot. Let me tell you about these hairstyling photography days!

1) They are so much fun!

Seriously, we have the best time! These hairstyling photography days allow me as well as the hairstylists to let loose. We are able to just remember why we chose the profession that we did. Photography and hairstyling are quite similar in that they are both a visual expression art. Every time we host a hairstyling photoshoot day the energy is buzzing for weeks after.

2) Portfolio Booster

As visual artists, both hairstylists and photographers need to push themselves to keep up with trends, make new trends in the industry and learn new techniques. We create an environment where there is no fear of failure. In fact, if you don’t take risks, you are not pushing yourself hard enough and you will never grow. I am able to experiment with my photography and try new lighting techniques that I would not have been able to test with paying clients. When potential clients then see my new photography portfolio and they love the new content I created, they hopefully will book me for photos with this new style.

3) Team Building

An unexpected bonus of these salon hairstyling photography days is it helps create unity and memories with our team members. After these photo days, everybody is buzzed and excited, and talking about how much fun they had as well as what the next shoot should be. Often times work becomes mundane and coworkers become like ships in the night. This allows everyone to get together as a team and shake up their routine.

4) Advertising

Obviously, these photos create great social content for Instagram and Facebook. Here are some of the ways we use the photography above and beyond Instagram. We print the photos in large format and hang them on the walls of the salon. We have so many clients comment on how amazing the photos are or they ask what shampoo company are the photos from. Behind the scenes are also super popular because people want to see how the photo shoot goes down. We created a youtube video where people are able to see just how much fun we had at our hairstyling photoshoot day. One of my favorite outside of the box advertising ideas we had was to create Instagram gifs for people to use on their stories. Within a matter of a few weeks, we had 1.2 million views on our gifs. To view our gifs, open Instagram stories, add a gif and search Artel Salon.

5) Contests and magazine submissions

Entering and winning contests is a very important way for photographers and hairstylists to boost their career. We have entered these photos into contests and for magazine submissions. So fingers crossed!


I would love to hear your feedback on our hairstyling Photography day at Artel Salon. If you know any hairstylists or salons who would like to work with me for hairstyling photos, please connect us! I absolutely love working with hair!