We all know that we communicate to others with our body language. The power of headshots can change the way the world perceives you!  There are extensive studies showing strong results as proof that people will make character judgments based off our body language.  Our nonverbal communication will predict how people think and feel about us.  Okay, maybe you don’t know this, but now you do.  This is a big deal!  If you are applying for a job, going on a first date, looking for new clients, competing in a sports league, or simply walking down the street, your body language will affect how those around you interact with you.  Have you ever made a first impression that didn’t go well?  Maybe it was not anything you said, but what your body language said about you.


But why as a headshot photographer in Vancouver am I talking about body language?  Your headshot or profile photo nonverbally communicates with the entire world who you are, if you are trustworthy, likeable, confident.  Studies show that your nonverbal communication is four times more powerful than anything you can say and people will make a lightning speed split decision about you.  If you want to attract new clients a current, professional headshot is what you need.  Tired of getting swiped left on Tinder?  Maybe you need a sick profile pic.  Applying for a new job?  Employers will be googling you and you want to make sure they judge the best you!


Here is a really awesome Ted Talks video all about how your body language affects those around you.


I kinda knew a lot of the information about body language effecting those around you already.  However, what I previously never gave thought to was how your body language effects yourself.  Studies show that if you practice good or powerful body language it will effect the way you feel about yourself and will even increase your testosterone.  This is so amazing.  Even if you feel incapable or under qualified, you can hold a powerful pose and you will automatically feel more capable.  The term “fake it until you make it” may actually be true.  Rather than fake it until you make it, the phrase should be “fake it until you become it”.


Lets apply this to headshots.  Nobody (that I have met) likes to be photographed.  The camera is basically a bazooka sized flaw pointer outer. I usually spend the first 20 minuets of a session getting my subject comfortable and confident in front of the camera.  What if you fake it until you become it.  Fake your confidence, your power, your control, you comfortableness, and fake your desire to get headshots.  Studies show this will actually allow you to become all these characteristics, resulting in the people creeping your facebook to have a much better first impression of you.

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Thinking back on the hundreds of headshot sessions I have done, the majority of people, particularly women, who come to the studio are very timid.  Their body language is small and not confident.  However, after the session they leave with completely revamped body language.  Their posture is better, their movements are bigger, and usually give me a big hug when the headshots are done.  Once they practice positive, powerful body language,  they actually embody those characteristics. So even if you are not trying to impress anybody via your headshot, get headshots for you!  It will be a great way to boost your own confidence.