This was the 2nd annual Team Blessed Bodies photoshoot and this year was bigger than ever!  Team Blessed bodies is run by head coach Fatima Kusch and she united women together to help achieve their fitness goals.  It is a really cool platform she has created.  All too often fitness goals seem unattainable because we  try to tackle our goals all alone.  Fatima has created a support system to help build women up no matter where they are in their journey or what their goals are.  Some of the women in this shoot are seasoned fitness competitors and this was a first photoshoot for some of the women.  I found this to be so exhilarating to work with a wide variety of women who are all just crushing it. The vibes in the studio were so exciting and vibrant.  Everybody just had the best time!



We labeled this shoot Inner Warrior.  Women in general are champs.  They are mothers, daughters, Wives, entrepreneurs, and the world would not go round with out them.  They are truly warriors.  One of my favourite aspects of this shoot was the giant pink tire I found a week previous in the back alley.  This thing was so heavy and I knew it was going to be perfect for our Inner Warrior photoshoot with Team Blessed Bodies.  I had a mini van at the time and had to take out all the seats to get the tire in the van.  Once we got to the studio it was so heavy we couldn’t get it up the stairs.  Luckily the next door neighbour to my studio is an MMA UFC Fighter. He is jacked!  He rolled the thing up the stairs like it ain’t no thang.  After the shoot I gave him the tire for his gym.  He still uses it daily for his training and if I ever have a photoshoot where I need the pink tire I just roll it over to my studio.

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I want to give a huge shout out to Wesley Chandler for creating this really amazing behind the scenes video from our day of fitness photography.  This is a really great video that shows what a day shooting photos with Rob Trendiak is like.  Having a BTS video is extremely valuable to my business and my clients business.  I really want to start doing these BTS videos on all my major photoshoots. It is the perfect way to leverage my/your marketing and attract new potential clients.  Its also documents the great memories we had on set and allows us to go back and watch all the fun we had!