To idolize someone is to see him as ideal. As a WWII veteran, Rob’s grandfather optimized honour, respect, and hard work. As a fighter pilot, he valued quality, precision, and a bird’s eye view. After his service, Rob’s grandfather combined his military work ethic and his newfound love of a good view to become an aerial photographer. In his grandfather, Rob saw an ideal man and true inspiration. The values and passion that defined who his grandfather was as both a person and a photographer have been deeply ingrained in Rob and have influenced him to develop his own set of core values; integrity, responsibility, creativity, and loyalty. These values are the keystone upon which Rob runs not only his business but also his entire life.

As a true creator and artist through and through, Rob graduated with honours from the Art Institute of Vancouver with a degree in Digital Film and Video. After graduation, Rob landed his first job with the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Being fresh out of school and with little camera experience at that point, Rob was originally called to interview as a cable wrangler. During the interview, Rob’s ambition, dedication to hard work, and natural creative abilities were so undeniable that he became the number one choice for and was offered a position as a camera operator for the games.

While working various film jobs, Rob spent (and still spends) a lot of free time skateboarding. Capturing action shots of skateboarders, Rob developed a keen interest in the art of photography. The wheels didn’t really start turning until, after wrapping up a video shoot, Vancouver TV and radio reporter Kuljeet Kaila fatefully asked Rob if he could snap a quick headshot. The photos turned out brilliantly and sparked a real flame for photography in Rob. He continued working mundane film jobs until a few years later while honeymooning in Europe. Capturing images of his beautiful wife in front of the spectacular waters of the Mediterranean made it unquestionably clear; Rob’s true passion was photography.

Every bit an entrepreneur as he is an artist, Rob took a quick honeymoon timeout to contact his graphic designer so that a logo could be immediately created and awaiting his return. As soon as he was back in Vancouver, Rob left his job in film and jumped two feet first into his new career as a photographer. He hasn’t looked back since.

A lifelong skateboard and snowboard enthusiast, Rob’s photography career started – and took off – in action sports. He has been published in multiple skateboarding magazines across Canada and has had the privilege of capturing some of the biggest names in the sport, including skateboard living legend Andrew Reynolds. A music aficionado, Rob has a particular affection for live music and concert photography. Working with and playing into the vibe of these other artists, Rob is able to capture the raw soul and impact of musicians. A metalhead at heart, Rob ticked an item off his bucket list when he had the privilege of working with Ozzy Osbourne. He also considers himself fortunate to have worked with Canada’s own rock megastars Metric, progressive rock trailblazers Coheed and Cambria, and internationally adored singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne.

Rob draws inspiration, first and foremost, from his amazing wife Eliza. The real entrepreneurial mastermind of the duo, Eliza is the owner and immensely talented senior stylist at Artel Salon. Her relentless dedication to her work and her unique version of creativity inspire Rob daily. Faith has helped to shape so much of Rob’s personal and professional life and God has helped him to strive to be a better person in every way. As a skateboarding, metal music-loving, tattooed photographer, Rob breaks traditional Christian stereotypes, but his faith inspires him to make a difference in the world around him. With his camera as a secret weapon and his faith as an underlying hum of encouragement, Rob is doing just that. And finally, with its surreal beauty and diverse, vibrant vibe, Rob is constantly inspired by his beloved city Vancouver.

Rob’s free time is spent conjuring up his and Eliza’s next entrepreneurial endeavour, exploring the treasure that is British Columbia, risking fractured limbs while participating in extreme sports, supporting local and touring bands, and sipping a fine whiskey while playing board games with groups of friends. Rob’s photography niches include headshot, fitness, commercial, advertising, and lifestyle photography.