Author Headshots with Naomi Klein

I am so excited to highlight these author headshots with Naomi Klein. Photographing headshots for authors and their new books is always one of my favourite photography jobs. Naomi Klein’s assistant contacted me to photograph her author headshots for her new book Doppelganger. I was confident I could deliver exactly what she was looking for. It’s not only about capturing a stunning headshot, it’s also about crafting an image that reflects who the author is and fits the branding of their new book. It was my privilege to collaborate with Naomi Klein for her new book Doppelganger.

A Brief Introduction to Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein is an influential author with groundbreaking titles like “No Logo,” “The Shock Doctrine,” and “This Changes Everything,” She always challenges the status Quo and has sparked global conversations on important topics. Her books are thought-provoking and she has achieved international acclaim, making her a respected public figure in literature and activism.

The Vision For Her New Headshot

Naomi’s new author headshots needed to capture her passion and wisdom while being approachable. Her new headshots will be published in many online articles, book reviews, advertising for book signings, posters for public speaking and everywhere in between. Authors have the opportunity to use their headshots EVERYWHERE! Headshots are a great marketing asset.

Headshots are a Collaboration

When Naomi arrived at my photo studio and sat in the makeup chair, we finally had the chance to chit-chat and get to know one another. I was able to pick her brain about what led her to write her new book Doppelganger. She wanted to explore themes of duality, identity and transformation.  Together we brainstormed how to make her vision for headshots come to light.

The Headshot Session

I have to be honest, although I was confident I could deliver a headshot that Naomi would love, I was a little intimidated because of the photographers whom she has photographed with in the past. Specifically Platon for The New Yorker… Naomi has had world-class photographers take her portrait. Would she think I was a fraud or an amateur? I was starting to have imposter syndrome.

Just like every headshot session, the first little bit was spent warming up in front of the camera. Before I knew it, we were in the zone and both of us were in the moment creating some amazing headshots. I loosened up and Naomi was feeling comfortable in front of the camera and having a great time.

After the headshot session was wrapped up, Naomi told me that she had a great time and that she was excited to see the final results.

The PR Campaigns have started!

For me, it has been really cool to see all the PR surrounding Naomi Klein’s new book Doppelganger. I regularly receive Google alerts saying a website has published my photo of Naomi.

I am so thankful to have worked with a prolific figure like Naomi and I hope to be able to work with her again soon!

Here is a list of articles that feature my headshot of Naomi Klein:–utkommer-pa-ordfront-i-november,c3795837