The first step in mastering your Linkedin presence is getting a professional Headshot.  Your Linkedin headshot is your first impression with potential clients and career-changing connections.

In the digital age, Linkedin has become one of the most important professional networking platforms and social networks. With 750 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job seekers, recruiters, and professionals looking to grow their careers.

One of the most important aspects of a solid Linkedin bio is YOUR HEADSHOT! It’s literally the first thing people see. It’s at the top left-hand side of your screen. Having a high-quality headshot needs to be your number one priority when creating your Linkedin bio.

What Makes an Amazing Linkedin Headshot?

1: Hire a professional headshot photographer. While it may be tempting to take a selfie or a snapshot from your best friend’s wedding, it is important to invest in yourself and your future. You are doing a disservice to yourself by using a snapshot in front of a rosebush or cropping your wife out from your most recent vacation. Another travesty is having no photo at all… If you have a little blue geometric shadow figure as your profile picture, how will people know who you are?

2: Dress as if you are going to meet a new client. If you are meeting a new client in a leather jacket, wear a leather jacket. If you are meeting a new client in a suit and tie, wear a suit and tie. At the end of the day, you need to be authentic to yourself and authenticity will attract your ideal clients.

In general, I do have a few “Don’ts” when it comes to wardrobe. No big logos, avoid busy patterns, and preferably no pinstripes. Check out this article I wrote with 10 tips for headshot wardrobe.

3. Lighting is KEY! That is where I come in because lighting can make you a good guy or a bad guy. Your photo needs to be well-lit with professional lighting. Lighting can be flattering or very not flattering.

4. The best headshot conveys confidence and approachability. Confidence comes from the eyes and approachability comes from the mouth. Too much confidence can communicate intimidation. Too much of a smile or a laugh can translate to people not taking you seriously enough. It’s a fine line. I will walk you through different expressions and make sure you have the perfect headshot that communicates exactly what you want to your audience.

5. The best background for a Linkedin headshot is a blank one. My personal favourite is a dark grey background but you can have a white, black or even a coloured background to best represent your personal brand. A blank background is best because the focus of the photo is you! Not the rose bush, or the brick wall, or the view out your window. People need to see you!

Linkedin headshots are so important, I created a headshot photography session called “The Linkedin Headshot Session”. Obviously, you may use the headshots elsewhere but you can know for sure that you will have the best Linkedin headshot!


Who is the Linkedin Headshot Session For?

The LinkedIn headshot session is for somebody who values time but does not want to sacrifice quality. Linkedin Headshot sessions are a 20-minute headshot session where you receive professional headshots and then you are able to continue with your day! We have a quick chat before the session to go over wardrobe and background preferences. During the Linkedin Headshot Session, we review the photos so we know in real time that we are creating headshots that will make you stand out!

What is Included in the Linkedin Headshot Session?

  • 20-minute photo session
  • 1 background option
  • 1 wardrobe option
  • A private online client proofing gallery with photos I hand-select for you
  • A download code to download your photos
  • All the photos in the proofing gallery have a base level of editing
  • No watermarks!

Do you skin retouch the Linkedin Headshots?

A full photo retouch includes skin retouching and taming flyaways. Additional edited images are $50/additional edited images. These edited images are provided to you in full resolution.

If you are curious about what goes into skin retouching, please check out the article “Can You Remove My Wrinkles?”