I always am so appreciative when a headshot client leaves me a rad headshot photography testimony.  I have known Timothy and his crew over at Couver Marketing for 3 years now.  Last year I shot their company headshots at my photo studio and we had so much fun! I just want to share the testimony Timothy left me and to share my gratitude of my amazing headshot clients!

Timothy’s Headshot Photography Testimony –

“Rob is an amazing photographer who is creative, friendly, attentive and professional. He handles most of the photography projects for my clients, ranging from corporate headshots for C-level executives to product shoots for skincare companies. He is always able to pull something out of thin air and he never runs out of new ideas. Both myself and my clients love his work. If you are looking for a professional portrait photographer or a business photographer, Rob’s your guy.”


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Thank you so much Timothy for the really kind words!  It means a lot to me that you would take the time to write a headshot photography testimony.