In this post, I explore 5 ways to stand out with your headshots. I have been wanting to take my headshot photography to the next level.  Not only do I want to provide my clients with an awesome headshot, I want to teach my clients how to maximize the return on investment with their headshots. What are 5 things you can do differently with your headshots to maximize the usage of your headshots?

1) Headshots on a dark background

This is the simplest way to make your headshot stand out and my personal favourite style of headshot.  Compared to a white or light coloured background, dark backgrounds demand attention.  You will seem more serious, confident, and wise in your headshots that have a dark background.   I also find when the background is dark, you stand out more in the headshots.  After all, headshots are all about showing yourself off.

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2) Character Headshots

You need to show the world the real you!  Authenticity is key to attracting your ideal client.  Don’t be afraid to try something new or outside of the box. You will attract your ideal client through your headshot when your authentic personality shines through.  This can sometimes be a vulnerable shot to get because you have to be willing to be silly and show your authentic self in front of the camera and we all know being in front of a professional camera and all the big lights is vulnerable to begin with.  I do my best to make my headshot clients comfortable but you need to be willing to try.  I always tell my headshot clients, “what is the worst that can happen?”  Luckily photography is digital now and we can take 1000 photos and it does not cost us any money, it’s not film.  So let’s be silly and authentic during our headshot session!  Character headshots will not be your main headshot, they will be an added asset to your marketing.


3) Headshot Wardrobe 

I believe, in life you do need to dress for success, however, I do not recommend overdressing.  I have seen it all too many times with headshot clients who overdress and try to be someone who they are not resulting in them not liking the photos and miscommunicating with their potential ideal clients.  People will wear a suit and tie when they never wear a suit and tie, and then they don’t really like the photos because they don’t feel like their authentic self. However, I do recommend dressing like your going to meet a new client.  Chances are if you are a software developer, notoriously an industry with a very casual work attire, you do not want to wear a suit and tie for your headshots.  If you are a fitness trainer needing headshots, I would love to see you wear workout gear for your headshots.  If you are a high-end corporate lawyer needing business headshots, you will want to wear a nice suit and tie.  Pick you headshot wardrobe according to your specific needs.

Wearing labels, graphics, colours that are too bright or patterns that are too busy for your headshots will result in a lack of focus in your headshot.  Headshots need to have 100% of the focus on your face.  People want to see you and we do not want your clothing to be distracting.

Quick Tip #1:

Textures and Layers are a great way to add character and personality.  Examples would be fabrics like heathered cotton, tweed, leather or wool sweaters.

Quick Tip #2:

Patterns and Graphics can be distracting and take emphasis away from you the main subject.  It is best to avoid logos, bold patterns, high saturated colours, and chunky jewellery. Keep it, simple sweetheart!

Quick Tip #3:

The ultimate goal is to empower you and create images for you and your brand.  A good question to ask yourself is, “What would I wear to meet a new client?”  Pick some of your all-time favourite outfits that you feel best wearing and it will translate into the photos.

If you are in doubt or in need of inspiration, check out Rob Trendiak’s website to see what other people have worn in past projects.

4) Headshot Sizes

The majority of social media platforms have a square photo for your avatar, headshot or profile photo.  Linkedin has done studies and stats show your face needs to 60% of that square because on a desktop computer or even mobile phones or apps, that square space where you place your headshot is quite small. Your head needs to take up the majority of that space in order for people to see you.  Think of that little square as real estate, real estate is expensive and you do not want to waste expensive real estate.  Maximize every square inch of that tiny little square by filling it with 60% of face.

5) Put Your Headshot Everywhere!

Start thinking about your headshots as an investment.  My headshot collections are priced around $500 including hair and makeup, therefore, you will want to make the most of your investment in headshots by putting it everywhere!  Not just Linkedin, every app has a place for your headshot and you most likely have printed materials for your business.  If you are an entrepreneur your headshot is your brand.  Just like your logo, your headshot needs to be plastered everywhere!

Here an off the top of my head list of places your headshot needs to be:

  1. Linkedin
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. facebook
  5. Flickr
  6. Your business card
  7. Letterhead
  8. Gmail or whatever email provider you use
  9. Spotify
  10. Itunes or apple cloud
  11. Your website
  12. eBay
  13. Whatsapp
  14. Pinterest
  15. Twiter