Travel Photography – Las Vegas Nevada – Part 1

I have found one of the most valuable investments in my life and career has been traveling.  Travel photography is not my main source of income, yet I make sure to invest in my travel photography every chance I get.  When I have the opportunity to travel to a new city, or a new environment, I get to see the world in a new exciting way.  Traveling expands my mind and forces me to look at Vancouver, my home, in a new way with new energy.

Our last travels as I am sure you have seen on instagram was Las Vegas.  Previously when I have gone to Las Vegas I have done photo series that try to explore the Las Vegas strip in a new fresh way.  A task that is not really possible.  The Vegas strip is so over played and in my opinion quite boring to photograph.  This trip however was different.  I brought my friend Justin Parenteau to Vegas, we rented a car and got the heck out of Las Vegas.  WOW!  The surrounding landscapes literally a half hours drive from the strip is are mind blowing.  Endless areas to explore, hike, rock climb, and photograph.

In the first blog post for my Tranvel Photography – Las Vegas Nevada series I am featuring my photos from Red Rock Canyon.  Red Rock Canyon was amazing!  Like the name suggests, the rocks are visibly quite red.  Justin and I spend 6 hours exploring and photographing ourselves climbing the rocks.  One thing we did not expect was how hard it was to judge the distance of the rocks/mountains and their size.  We caught ourselves saying “look at that big rock over there!  Let’s climb it!”  Half an hour later we would still be walking to the big rock.  Everything looked so close however was quite far away.

We went on a Sunday and the Canyon was bustling with rock climbers and people bouldering (climbing big rocks with no ropes).  People who were bouldering would bring there own mini high jumping matts that had backpack straps and hike into the canyon and start climbing really big boulders.  It was awesome to watch.


Spent last week shooting in the desert. I must say it was incredible. Cannot wait to share all the images! . . . . #nevada #desert #lasvegas #vegas #redrock #redrockcanyon #vancouver #explore #adventure #travel #outdoors #view #vancouverisawesome #vancitybuzz #getoutdoors #canon #canon5d #fstoppers #fstopperstravel #vancouverphotographer #hike #rockclimb #climbing #bouldering #gopro #hero5 #goprotravel #travelvancouver_photographer_travels_las_vegas_red_rock_canyon-228 vancouver_photographer_travels_las_vegas_red_rock_canyon-194 vancouver_photographer_travels_las_vegas_red_rock_canyon-181 vancouver_photographer_travels_las_vegas_red_rock_canyon-155 vancouver_photographer_travels_las_vegas_red_rock_canyon-104 vancouver_photographer_travels_las_vegas_red_rock_canyon-81vancouver_photographer_travels_las_vegas_red_rock_canyon-18