How To Prepare for a Corporate Group Headshot Session

Here is a guide on how to prepare for a corporate group headshot session. There is a lot that goes into photographing headshots for an entire team. Before we photograph the headshots we need to pick a background colour. Employees need to know what to wear and what not to wear. Lastly, people need to know that the process of photographing their headshot and working with me is easy and fun!


For business portraits and corporate headshots, a solid colour is the ideal choice for a background. While outdoor photos may be appealing, a solid colour background will provide you with the most versatility for your photography investment.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Flexibility when it comes to usage of your photos
  • Ability to extend the edges of the picture as far as needed
  • Ideal when adding graphics or logos to websites or marketing material
  • Creates a cohesive look between employees, teams, and office branches
  • The lighting setup can be replicated regardless of the season, weather, or time of day


1 – Wear What You Feel Amazing In

We all have a favourite shirt that fits perfectly; the shirt that makes you stand up 2 inches taller and boosts your confidence. Where THAT shirt. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel great will translate to confidence in your photo.

2 – What Would You Wear to Meet a New Client?

Your headshot needs to look like you. Stepping into a meeting, a new client who has never met you in person needs to instantly recognize you. If you are an actor or actress, the casting director needs to recognize you. You need to look the same in real life as you do in your headshot.

3 – Do Not Overdress

A common mistake people make is majorly overdressing for their headshots. Imagine for a second, your meeting a new potential client. Your headshot is killer and you are wearing a bow tie. But you’re a computer programmer and you show up to the meeting wearing a plain t-shirt…See the disconnect? Keep it authentic.

4 – Keep It Simple

A headshot session is all about your face, your eyes and your expression, not about your wardrobe. A plain t-shirt can go a long way. Even if you work in a corporate environment, having a few shots without a tie or blazer can promote a sense of approachability. 

5 – Limited Jewelry

If not scaled back, jewellery can be a big distraction from your face. When working on getting that perfect pose, your earrings or necklaces can flip or sit crooked which results in your headshot looking messy. Stick to simple studs and avoid anything that dangles or distracts from your face.

6 – No Patterns

It is best to avoid patterns for your headshot wardrobe. Solid colours are less distracting and allow for more leeway in the editing process.

7 – Muted Colours

For corporate headshots, it is best to avoid vibrant or overly saturated colours. Think mustard yellow vs. canary yellow or navy blue vs. royal blue. Again, the focus should remain on your face and expression and not on your wardrobe.

8 – Necklines

The neckline of your shirt will be in every headshot. Keep it simple and stick to a shirt that doesn’t need to constantly be adjusted.

9 – No Logos

Unless you are specifically doing a headshot session in a company-branded uniform, refrain from wearing any logos.

10 – Still in doubt?

If you’re struggling to make a final wardrobe decision, I can coach you on what will translate best on camera. If you have any doubts, bring an extra shirt or blouse for a quick wardrobe change if needed.


Your headshot nonverbally communicates to the world who you are, and if you are trustworthy, likeable, and confident. Studies have shown that your nonverbal communication is four times more powerful than your words when making a first impression. If you want to attract new clients or opportunities, a portrait that conveys the appropriate message will be invaluable.

The vast majority of people I interact with say that they hate getting their photos taken. My job is to take away this stress by giving you the direction and coaching you need to create an image that truly represents you. Our session will be relaxed and conversational so breathe easy knowing that you will be directed through the entire process.

If you are in the early stages of planning your corporate group headshot session head over to my article “10 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Corporate Headshots