Corporate Event Ideas for Large Groups | Event Headshot Photobooth

Corporate event ideas for large groups that will blow you away! Are you a corporate event planner or organizing a large tradeshow? Are you looking for unique event activations that will WOW your attendees and add unbelievable value to your sponsors? Corporate event headshot photobooths are exactly what your next big event needs!

I want to highlight one of the most extravagant photo activations I did for my client Concord Pacific. They hosted an awards ceremony for their top realtors. This was a black-tie event that people looked forward to all year. Concord Pacific wanted to do something that would blow people away and create lasting memories. With over 1000 people in attendance, everything needed to go just right to pull off the craziest photo activation I have ever done.

All the winners needed to be photographed before the award ceremony started. We created a photo studio with an elegant old Hollywood vibe for people to be photographed in. Photos were made instantly available for people to upload to their social channels. Creating an instant online buzz. Behind the scenes I had an editor photoshop faux magazine covers onto the winner’s pictures. During the award show, we printed all the magazine covers and framed them for the winners as a take-home surprise. People’s reactions were priceless and the evening was unforgettable.

Corporate event photo booth Corporate event photo booth Corporate event photo booth

Make Your Next Big Corporate Event A Showstopper!

The key to making an event memorable is value. Adding value not only to your attendees but also to your sponsors. Tradeshows are known for cheesy gifts like branded stress balls and branded tote bags. As if I need another reusable bag and who actually uses branded stress balls? However, providing high-quality LinkedIn headshots at your large-scale corporate event offers people real value and an experience they will remember.

For the sponsors: event headshot photobooths are a gold mine! Sponsors will be stunned at the fully branded photo gallery app and headshot photobooth. People will be talking for months about their new headshots and the experience they had at your event. Plus, we collect and provide emails of the participants for lead generation. It is a win-win for everybody!

The WOW Factor!

Event photobooths are not new but I have never seen a headshot photobooth where we create a product people will use for years to come. Traditional photobooths are fun and silly, providing good entertainment at the event but will soon be forgotten. The seamless systems I use for event headshot photo booths will knock people’s socks off. Every step of the process is seamless. People sign up on a custom-branded online calendar, receive the best corporate headshot they have ever had and then instantly receive their photos in an individual custom name and branded online photo gallery where they can download their photos in a flash.

My corporate event headshot photo booth is the perfect idea for a corporate event with a lot of attendees. Imagine your next event, buzzing with the same excitement as the Concord Pacific’s ceremony. Imagine your guests leaving with lasting memories and a professional headshot that can be used to fast-track their personal branding! It’s an experience that they’ll associate with your event and brand for years to come.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take your large corporate event to the next level with this unique and engaging idea? Reach out to me, and let’s make your event the talk of the town!

corporate event ideas for large groups event headshot photo booths corporate event ideas for large groups event headshot photo booths