Local Skincare Line Boosts Brand Identity with Cohesive Marketing Strategies

Written by Emma Warford

In 2016, brother and sister duo Brandon and Kaleena Morrison debuted United and Free, a vegan skin and hair care line devoted to building environmental awareness, product transparency, and educating their customers about the benefits of plant-based products.

As their brand gained momentum, retailing in stores across Canada, with plans for international expansion, they knew that creating a cohesive brand identity would be vital to standing out in the ever-growing natural skincare industry.

Out With The Old

The brand’s online presence began with a standard website template and predominantly stock photos, both of which needed to be entirely overhauled as it wasn’t translating the United & Free brand. They hired a web developer, who in turn recommended Rob for product and lifestyle content and photography.

Rob and the United and Free team worked closely to create a wide array of product shots and lifestyle content that genuinely reflected the brand’s ethos, and that could be used in marketing materials for the long term on social media, print, and web advertising.

Success After Success

The co-founders are thrilled to have content that reflects who they are and what their brand is, especially as they garner even more national attention for their line. They have most recently been included in BC Business Magazine’s “top 30 Under 30”  list of 2018, and their shampoo was nominated in the BC Living Clean Beauty competition for best in the country. 

Reaction to the new brand content has been overwhelmingly positive, with PR requests for specific photos, as well as retailers asking to use their favourite photos to promote the line in-store. Along with a high demand for the use of the images in professional settings, customers have been impressed with the new content in their online store.