Tips to Create The Best Business Portraits | Corporate Headshot Photography

Here is my #1 tip to create the best business portraits and corporate headshots! For business portraits and corporate headshots, a solid colour background is the best bang for your buck, the highest ROI and the most versatility.

One of my most common requests from corporate clients is to do photos outdoors. I understand the appeal of having a beautiful landscape in the background but I recommend having a solid colour background.

Reasons why a solid colour background is the best option for business portraits and corporate headshots

  1. A solid colour background will provide you with the most versatility. With a solid colour background, you can extend the picture’s edges as far as needed. This is extremely useful when you want to add graphics and logos. Applications like Powerpoint and marketing material for trade shows and flyers always need room for graphics and logos. So to have that extra flexibility of adjusting the size of the picture is invaluable.
  2. Creating a cohesive look between employees’ headshots is much easier with a blank background. If you have a small company or a company with thousands of employees, creating a unified look for all your employees will be much easier with a blank background. Not to mention weather shifts between the time of year or day to day. Even the light changes outdoors hour by hour during the same photoshoot. In order to maintain a consistent look between all the headshots, photographing on a solid colour background is a clear choice.
  3. Recreating the exact same look when hiring new employees is quicker and easier on a solid colour background.  We can photograph new hires at my studio in East Vancouver or in your offices and create the exact same look as we did before