Working With Artslandia Magazine as an Editorial Photographer is a Blessing

Being an editorial photographer for Artslandia is a multi-level blessing that keeps giving back. Looking back I cannot believe I have had the chance to photograph and meet some of Vancouver’s most influential artists, explore backstage where most will never see and regularly attend performances that will impact me for the rest of my life.

I originally met Katrina Ketchem in 2015 at brunch. A mutual friend of ours sat us next to each other knowing Katrina needed a photographer. We instantly began working on the first issue of Artslanida Vancouver and 3+ years later Artslandia continues to be a groundbreaking force in my career. I have put a case study of some of the work I have done with Artslandia. You can view my work by picking up a copy of Artslandia and visiting their website hope you enjoy!

How Artslandia Turned a Magazine into a Vancouver Community Hub

Artslandia is Vancouver’s Performing Arts guide, celebrating theatre, dance, and music events year-round in the city. An offshoot of Portland’s magazine of the same name, they launched in Vancouver in 2015.

Since establishing themselves as advocates for arts companies city-wide, both big and small, they have collaborated with Ballet BC’s Emily Molnar, VSO’s Brahmwell Tovey, and wunderkind Ola Volo as ambassadors, among others.

Same Magazine, Different City

Publisher Katrina Ketchum had a distinct idea of what she wanted Artslandia Vancouver to be. More than just a guide for the year’s arts calendar, she strove “to gel the arts community and create a feeling of community”, by fostering relationships and creating a space for artists to share a glimpse into their craft. With Portland’s layout and visuals as a guide, Rob and Katrina pounded the pavement, seeking collaborators to bring their ideas to life.

Starting From the Ground Up

Rob’s ability to “go the extra mile, and genuinely be a part of it all” was evident as an Artslandia representative at events around the city, which allowed him to foster relationships that translated to photoshoots for the first issue and beyond. Along with developing relationships with Artslandia clients and collaborators, Katrina says that “Clients of mine have gone on to hire Rob. It just reinforces the results of having really meaningful relationships” within the arts community. Early on, a big opportunity came when Jim Smith of DanceHouse did a photoshoot with Artslandia. A nod to the DanceHouse logo, whose O is stylized into a red square, they had Jim sit on a red box, holding a book. Katrina says their concept and subsequent images remain one of her favorites. Four years later, their collaborations continue, with Artslandia now publishing Dance House´s programs.


Community Impact


Katrina credits Rob’s “unwavering support” and continued collaboration as one of the reasons Artslandia is where they are today. Katrina emphasized Rob’s crucial role from the beginning, noting that “Rob isn’t just a photographer, he’s a part of the Artslandia organization. Yes, he takes amazing photos, but he also interacts with my clients in a way that helps me when I go back to them for more business.” As well as being the publishing sponsor for Dance House´s programs, they have transitioned from being annually published to bi-monthly, and have recently unveiled an app for people to have instant access to performances around the city.